Marketing and Public Relations

Develop overall marketing strategy and advertising activities. Create and direct the creation of media to further the goals of the organization and monitor the performance of campaigns.

Volunteers needed:

  • Marketing strategy and message coordinator
  • Copywriter for advertising activities and funding events
  • Volunteer recruiter
  • PR coordinator
  • Translators (English to Portuguese and vice-versa)

Fundraising and Development

Oversee the overall fundraising strategy and efforts. Work with the board and volunteers to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles such as: special events, yard sales, direct mail, product sales, donation programs, outreach efforts. Monitor fundraising efforts so that ethical practices are in place, donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

Volunteers needed

  • Grant writer
  • Fundraising calendar coordinator
  • Special events coordinator
  • Donation drop-off boxes coordinator
  • Dinner and luncheon coordinator
  • Fundraising workshop instructors (crafts, sewing, painting, cooking, etc)

Finance and Accounting

Develop and review fiscal procedures and annual budget with staff and board members. Keep record of income, expenditures and pending income. Manage budgets for each committee.

Volunteers needed

  • Marketing & Public Relations committee budget manager
  • Fundraising & Development committee budget manager

Organization Planning

Identify, recruit and nominate people to serve as members and officers of the board of directors and committees. Provide development opportunities for board membership.

Volunteers needed:

  • Human Resources (recruitment and training)

Program and Services

Oversee new program development, facilitate discussions about program priorities, monitor and evaluate existing programs. Members represent the interest of all the constituents related to the organization. Good understanding of Portuguese and English language is desirable for fully participation and involvement in programs and services issues.

Volunteers needed:

  • Book Delivery coordinator
  • Book purchaser

Information Technology

Online maintenance, technical support for keeping the system up-to-date and make general recommendations on technology requirements and system capacity issues.

Volunteers needed:

  • MySpace, YouTube and Facebook content managers
  • Web site content manager
  • Tech savvy volunteer to create mailing list system
  • Tech savvy to create photo gallery
  • Tech savvy to create Donors Database

Help in Brazil

Volunteers needed:

  • Register Books for Brazil as a non-profit organization in Brazil
  • Transport books from the US to Brazil for distribution