The book delivery events are like a celebration coming to town, where story time and reading activities are encouraged. To request a book donation, please fill out the form.

Our organization now offers three programs:

Neighborhood Literacy Program

We schedule book delivery events at local facilities where volunteers read books to children and then allow them to choose from a variety of books to take home at no charge.

Helping Public Libraries Program

We provide books to libraries at no cost. The greatest advantage of this program is that many children can benefit from even a limited number of books. We work closely with the libraries to encourage American-style story time.

Public Facilities Program

In order to get the community involved in the literacy campaign, this program supplies public hospitals and social services agencies’ waiting rooms with children’s books.

Enrichment Program

With additional funding and support, we hope to offer new programs designed to create a long term love for books.

A child registered in the program will receive three books per year for a period of five years or until he/she turns 18 years old. The goal is to inspire them to become life-long readers. We will do our best to accommodate specific requests and interests as the child grows up.

In all programs we provide families with relevant information such as the importance of reading to children, ways to help children become engaged with books, and tips for accessing existing local resources.

If you have ideas and activities using books that promote literacy, share them with us. Let us know using our Feedback page. We appreciate your help.